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Best 40th Birthday Party Ideas in New York City

Best 40th Birthday Party Ideas in New York City

A 40th birthday is a special milestone, so why shouldn’t it be celebrated in style? Sometimes, it can be difficult to think of some special ideas to celebrate 40th birthday. When reaching the 40th milestone, you don’t really want to keep it low-key as you only turn 40 once! 

There is no better city to celebrate a 40th birthday party than in New York City. There are plenty of fun things to do that will give you and your group an experience which you will never forget. A  40th celebration deserves some glamour and speciality. If you’re still unsure on some 40th birthday ideas, it is time to reduce your stress and worry no more! Luckily, we have picked out some savvy and special 40th  birthday ideas in New York City (NYC). In one of the best cities in the world, there is no shortage of unique ideas you can choose to ensure that the 40th birthday is extra special. 

Feast your eyes on these special 40th birthday party ideas:

a person cutting a pizza

Let Sidewalk Food Tours take you on a satisfying introduction the city like no other

Nobody does a special culinary experience better than Sidewalk Food Tours. With delicious and unique culinary dishes, something that NYC is popular for, you’ll be guided through the busy and vibrant streets of NYC whilst enjoying some of the tastiest dishes. Hop on the Lower East Side Food Tour, or any of the several that are offered. The food you taste isn’t just from popular local places but dishes from all over the world. Whilst enjoying the vibrant culture on your walk through this incredible city, get stuck into tasty, glorious food!

a group of people standing in front of a club on a busy street

Host a penthouse celebration at the Monarch Rooftop Bar

The Monarch Rooftop bar is situated on the 18th-floor penthouse and is one of the best night-time hangouts in the city. The atmosphere, the entertainment, the aroma, the surrounding on top of some exceptional music is something that you don’t want to miss out on. Gather your group and celebrate the special 40th milestone on the rooftop, overseeing some of NYC’s incredible night-time views whilst being served with incredible first-class hospitality and premium table service. Ever wondered where the best view is to see the Empire State Building? You’re at the right place!


Sport in the heart of NYC. The speciality of the 40th birthday lies in the premium suite whilst sitting back and enjoying watching the Yankees or the Knicks. Whilst enjoying the game, you can also enjoy a range of drinks, delicious food, a great atmosphere which all makes for an auspicious and special event. Sit back and relax, and let the staff serve you whilst you celebrate a home run with the local fans!


A Broadway show is no doubt popular or too “touristy”. However, have you ever immersed yourself in the true NYC culture if you haven’t visited a Broadway show? Tourists, in particular, are always looking to do a Broadway show and its extra special for a 40th birthday. Why is Broadway the hottest show in town? The Broadway strip runs the full length of Manhattan and is the oldest north-south street in NYC. Home to over 40 professional theatres with a variety of productions and plays, Broadway shows sell out every single time. Although a little pricey, it’ll be worth it.

an areal view of a New YOrk City

Witness the looks of NYC in a whole new way on a helicopter tour with New York Helicopter Tours

You can choose to toast your trip surrounding an incredible holistic view of NYC in the day or at night under the bright lights. You can even have the best of both worlds. The views of NYC are something joy to behold, day and night. With exclusive birthday packages, enjoy a trip around the city and take in the glorious air and sights. You can even request drinks on board to make the trip even more fun as you take a closer look at the magnificent buildings and skyscrapers.

a river with a large bridge going across it

Jump aboard any of the wonderful rover cruises offered by Classic Harbor Line and take it the fresh air and new year of life

There is something different about NYC’s riverside views. Take in the sound of the bristling waves whilst enjoying bottomless drinks, delicious food and vibrant music to make the birthday extra special. Enjoy a special midnight celebration if you prefer. There is something special about cruising on a boat. With iconic buildings and views, mixed with food, drinks and music, what is not to love to about a riverboat cruise?

a man leaving a spa with a white robe on

Pull out all the stops with a Korean rooftop pool party at Sojo Spa Club

Why not experience something completely unique to traditional NYC with a Korean-style spa party at the Sojo Spa Club. Head over to the new jersey spa from Times Square and enjoy a full day of pampering and first-class service, leaving you feeling refreshed for the night ahead. The full-service also includes a rooftop infinity pool taking in the view of the Manhattan skyline whilst enjoying unique sand treatment with lava sand imported from Japan, and a unique charcoal sauna experience. Unlimited access to spas, pools and saunas all for a reasonable price. It is perfect for a relaxing birthday. 

a colorful room with a screen and a lounge couch

Show off your pipes with a karaoke birthday outing at Karaoke City NYC

Karaoke is one of those special nights where you can sing your heart out, particularly after a few drinks! Grab that mic and sing for the rooftops. At Radio Star Karaoke, as you enter, immerse yourself with simple contemporary designs with glowing lights to give you a sense of party fever. Be ready to unwind with bottomless drinks, show off your voice to the locals, or hire private rooms for you and your group. Ask the DJ to play your favourite tunes so you can begin to karaoke! 


NYC is famous for many comedy clubs up and down the strip. Get the best seats in the house to make the birthday extra special. Global comedians visit the comedy strip almost every time, so be sure not to miss out. 

a man moving traffic cones along a city street

Test out your riddle skills and knowledge of the city with an adventure by New York City Scavenger Hunt

Embark on a team exercise and put your hunting skills to the test with a group scavenger hunt. Crack the code and test your intelligence to uncover clues. NYC scavenger hunts allow you to unlock new secret areas and hideouts that you may never experience. Uncover clues close to NYC’s best tourist attractions such as Central Park, Museum of Natural History and many more. Choose your hunt and put your skills to the test!

several colorful alcoholic beverages on a bar

Indulge in the opulent art of mixology and bring in forty with an evening at Mr Jones Cocktail Lounge

Turn back the clock with a 1960’s theme birthday party! Mr Jones Cocktail Lounge, located at Trump Soho, demonstrates a perfect old-school setting to deliver the perfect 1960’s vibe, something that is totally comforting to your generation. Bring your group of friends and celebrate your 40th birthday party in true old-school style! With such a beautiful setting, sip on the most delicious cocktails in town and soak in the party atmosphere.

two pizzas sitting on top of a table

Grab a slice and commemorate the special occassion at Roberta’s Pizza Hangout

Everybody loves pizza, and NYC is famous for a multitude of pizza joints. Roberta’s is a pizzeria based on Bushwick that is known for more than just its delicious pizza. With a picnic bench-laden dining room with a vibrant atmosphere as soon as you step in, Roberta’s is more than just a pizza joint. It is perfect for a relaxed birthday atmosphere whilst indulging in unlimited pizza. You may also indulge in craft beer or cocktails alongside. Take in the décor, atmosphere and incredible food at a world-renowned pizza brand.


There is no shortage of ideas and hotspots to really make the 40th birthday really special. You don’t need an introduction to how vibrant, welcoming and enjoyable the NYC culture is. The variety of birthday party ideas will ensure you and your group experience the city in a number of ways that you’ll have never seen or experienced before. A famous quote that describes NYC as a city that “Makes Sleep Useless”. In NYC, you’re guaranteed to experience this and more. Get your shoes on, take in the NYC atmosphere and really immerse yourself in one of the best and biggest cities in the world for a special birthday experience.