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The Best 30th Birthday Party Ideas in New York City

by Joshua Hirsch


When you turn thirty years old, what is the first thing you do? Do you wallow and feel sorry for yourself while plucking out a gray hair or two? Or do you tell yourself that thirty is the new twenty these days and plan to have a blast? Everyone feels a little blue because being an adult is not easy. However, you are now entering a remarkable new phase in your life. You are much wiser than your twenties and a little wealthier, thanks to a rewarding career that you have rightfully earned.

There are so many things you can do to make your thirtieth birthday the most exciting event. If you have a lot of things you want to cross off your bucket list, this is the best time to indulge in those experiences instead of falling into an aging depression because there is plenty of fun to be had in New York. This city is full of dreams, and you deserve all of them to come true by blowing out every candle to make a wish. Here are the best thirtieth birthday party ideas that your friends will be raving about for many years to come. After having so much fun to celebrate one of the most special milestones in a person’s life, you will never feel sad on your birthday again. Because age is just a number, and you are never too old to live your best life in New York.

four snapshots of different foods including cannolis, pizza, sandwiches and meat

Try it all, savory and sweet, with an outing with Sidewalk Food Tours of New York City

Celebrate Your Inner Foodie with A Sidewalk Food Tour

There is always something unexpected you can learn from a walking food tour. It does not matter how well you know the city or how much research you have done, there are plenty of little surprises that will make your taste buds dance. With a guided food tour to the best eats in New York, you can celebrate your thirtieth birthday with a culinary experience like no other. After all, you are no longer a young student or backpacker in your twenties and do not have to settle for cheap pizzas, hot dogs, and instant noodles to save money. New York is a paradise for foodies, and you are never limited to one area because there is so much to eat and so little time to devour it all. You and your friends can take a Lower East Side Food Tour and immerse yourselves in one of most ethnic and diverse neighborhoods, with Jewish food institutions that have been around for over a hundred years. Imagine taking a bite right out of history. Alternatively, you can celebrate your best birthday with a West Village Food Tour and feast on pizzas, beers, falafels, hot dogs, and so much more while enriching your cultural knowledge of everything that makes New York one of the best cities in the world. Some of the best-hidden secrets lie in food trucks that you might have walked past while rushing to work on a busy day. A Downtown or Midtown New York Food Tour is a mouthwatering sensational experience because now you can take a moment to stop and breathe in those delicious aromas wafting from all the food trucks. This is the best birthday tour for those who want a unique adventure when it comes to street food. Your guide can tailor the experience specifically to your guests’ needs with a private food tour, especially for your birthday. That way, everyone you love will walk away with a warm and full belly and beautiful photos of so many dishes that will make everyone on the gram jealous.

four snapshots of an arcade and a rollerskating rink

Dance the night away with our friends at Rollerjam USA

Pizzas and Roller Skating in Staten Island at Rollerjam USA

Who does not love a nostalgic blast from the past when it comes to dusting off those roller skates to bust some moves? Rollerjam USA is a disco club with the latest sound system and light displays that will blow your mind. Even though roller skating makes everybody reminisce the simpler times in the past, this rink brings back the hype on a whole new level. The best part is that your friends can also bring children if they cannot find a babysitter for your birthday party. Then they have no excuse to miss all the festivities as you hold hands to form the human chain and watch the disco lights sparkle as “Dancing Queen” starts blaring. If you want to be more creative, you should ask your guests to dress up as their favorite character from Grease Lightning. Do not forget to eat a ton of pizza with some delicious drinks as you glide across the rink being your best adult self under a shining spotlight to celebrate your awesomeness in style.

an indoor pool with lights, a bar and a large overhead digital screen

Celebrate in luxury with a relaxing stay at The Room Mate Grace Hotel

Indoor Pool Party at the Room Mate Grace Hotel

Since the weather in New York is always unpredictable, you and your guests will never have to check any reports while partying indoors in a luxurious heated pool. The Room Mate Grace Hotel has an elegant sauna and hot springs-type indoor pool area with a bar right beside the water. You can challenge each other to see who can do the best cannonballs, or float around on a giant rubber tube while raising glasses of mimosas to give yourself a toast for your thirtieth. This is ideal if you want to escape the snow and rain in New York to go on a cozy vacation for a day. Your thirtieth birthday comes once in your life, and you deserve to go all out and take a dive as you have never done before. Who says you must wait until you go on an actual holiday before putting on that gorgeous swimsuit you bought on sale? Your friends will be overjoyed because instead of layering up and running for cover to avoid the cold, they can eat several slices of your birthday cake at the best pool party ever.

a rooftop pool overlooking a city

Take in the views and party until you drop with a visit to the James Hotel

Beat Traffic with A Staycation at James Hotel

New York is the city that never sleeps, and your guests should stay out for your birthday for as long as possible. No one should have to worry about staying out too late or missing the train home at the end of the night. With a staycation at James Hotel, you can party all night at the rooftop bar and pool with stunning views across the city. When you and your guests are tired at the end of the night, no one must drive home or walk to the Subway. You can have your own rooms in the hotel to pass out in and then pamper yourself with a scrumptious breakfast in bed from room service the next morning. Technically, your birthday party will still be going on because that is the beauty of having a staycation. Why not wake up all your friends and head to the pool for a morning dip or spoil yourself with a luxury massage?

a colorful school bus parked in front of a large building

Cruise around and keep the party going on a La Chiva Loca party bus

Party on a La Chiva Loca Bus

If you want to feel young at heart on your thirtieth, you can party on a school bus that has been decorated with vividly colored LED lights for a wild ride. La Chiva Loca is big enough to fit fifty guests. They provide catering with all kinds of food and drinks on board to get you and your loved ones in the mood for the most epic night anyone can wish for. You can also request your favorite tunes to sing along to on the ride to Resorts World Casino. They also have a surprise birthday party service in case your friends feel cheeky and want to go behind your back to organize it. If they do not catch onto your party bus hints, up the subtlety and let them know that you deserve to be driven to the casino in the most unique style ever. Most people arrive at places in taxis or limos, but your party bus can have a large group of people celebrating with you the entire way instead of splitting up in different groups and meeting at the destination. Then you can enter the casino with your party entourage as you strut that confidence and let your birthday luck work its magic on the roulette table.

people jumping on trampolines at an indoor trampoline park

Show that you still got it and hop over to The Fly High Indoor Trampoline Park

Enjoy Endless Fun and Unlimited Dr Pepper at The Fly High Indoor Trampoline Park

The Fly High indoor trampoline park in Staten Island lets you jump for free on your birthday. They also provide a discount for your party guests so that all of you get the best deal to jump around and giggle the night away. You get a private room to celebrate your special day with unlimited sodas, pizzas, and the staff can bring out your birthday cake for everyone to feast upon after a great workout on the trampolines. The next day, you might feel sore muscles, but you will wake up a day after your thirtieth feeling fitter than ever. Your guests can also bring children instead of missing out, and you can all take plenty of incredible family photos together and have contests to see who can jump the highest. This is perfect for those who do not want to have a party in a nightclub and prefer spending quality time with loved ones of all ages together in one place.