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The 4 Best Cooking Classes in San Francisco for Corporate Team Building Activities

4 Reasons Why a Cooking Class is the Perfect Team Building Activity. 

Getting your team outside of the office for a team building day is a chance to transform what happens inside of the office on a daily basis. Making team building part of your company’s culture can improve the group’s chemistry and recharge their motivation. A survey by The Hay Group shows that motivation and productivity are linked. Offices with more engaged employees were 43% more productive. There are many different types of team building exercises, but choosing one that will resonate with your co-workers can be tricky. Here are four reasons why a cooking class is a great choice for your team!

1. Working Towards a Common Goal – Regardless of their culinary skill level, getting in the kitchen for a cooking class allows your team to create something special step-by-step. Problem solving may occur, but the end goal, a beautiful dish, is the same for everyone!

2. Establishing the Company Culture – According to Gallup, a solid culture is what makes employees want to perform better and what prompts customers to spread the word about what you’re doing. Attending a cooking class is bringing your team together with the focus of having fun and learning something new together, with the added bonus of a new recipe to impress someone with!

3. Encourage Ethnic Awareness – Besides getting culinary knowledge firsthand, at a cooking class you are able to gain an understanding of a different place or tradition. Have you ever rolled your own sushi or made pasta from scratch? Embrace a new culture for the day!

4. Building Employee Relationships – Establishing trust and truly getting to know your team outside of the office are ways to encourage collaboration. Changing the environment is key. Instead of doing an obstacle course or seeing a movie together, where communication can be difficult, the relaxed setting of a cooking class allows participants to be themselves around each other.

Now that you’ve read the facts and you’re convinced that this is a stellar idea for your team, it’s time to research the different options for classes in your city. Here is a list we’ve compiled of the top four team building cooking classes in the San Francisco area.

A group cooking class for team building activity in SF

SWFT Cooking Classes in San Francisco

#4. Cozymeal – Cozymeal has a roster of verified chefs in the area who will host your team at the chef’s venue or your own.

#3. San Francisco Cooking School – San Francisco’s culinary institution for professionals doubles as a cooking classroom for team building.

#2. Dandelion Chocolate – This small-batch chocolate maker offers a one-hour “Ingredients” class and a four-hour “Making” class for your group.

#1. Sidewalk Food Tours – The SWFT Cooking Classes are a one-of-a-kind experience! A professional chef will guide you through an energetic, BYOB, two-hour class. You’re welcomed with a snack of homemade dips and crudité, informed about knife skills, and immersed into a culture of your choice, from Thai Curry Basics to The Perfect Paella!

Call or email us today to reserve your class!