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10 Reasons Why Team Building Activities NYC Are Important

Team building is an important investment in employee satisfaction. In 2017, 71 percent of workers started searching for new jobs. Employee turnover can cost a company five figures per employee — at the low end. Not convinced? Discover 10 more reasons why team building is important for your department’s success.

  1. Strengthens Team Bonds

Companies specializing in team building create activities that help teammates build unlikely (or even likely!) bonds. Each activity has an obvious and underlying purpose. Physical challenges can help promote teamwork. Rock climbing can promote trust. Food Tours offered by Sidewalk Food Tours can build cultural bridges.

      2 Boosts Morale

Getting out of the office — or simply switching up your environment — can help your employees get out of their head spaces. Outdoor activities, physical challenges and creative games are not only inspiring; they give your team something to look forward to any week of the fiscal quarter.

      3. Fosters a Sense of Community

Pretty much any team building activity worth its salt will “force” your employees to work together. Yes, we said it: force. Though teammates usually don’t see it that way by the end of the day. Instead of working in a cubicle, by Skype or Slack, they’ll get the face-to-face time they crave.

      4. Opens the Channels of Communication

It ain’t easy getting along with everyone on your team — especially when you don’t see eye to eye in terms of strategy. Allowing your crew to tackle creative challenges outside of the office can help them realize that their ideas aren’t so different after all.

       5. Encourages Networking

Team leads know the importance of networking. But how do you get Bob from accounting to connect with Todd from sales when their departments are on opposite sides of the company complex? Team building activities can help departments put a face to the name — and get employees a little more face time (without using FaceTime). 

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       6. Aids in Training New Employees

Need to explain company culture to your new hires? Some companies create team building activities specifically for new hire training sessions. You could force your new employees to sit through a daylong meeting on the dos and don’ts of HR under fluorescent lighting — or you could do it in the streets San Francisco’s Chinatown.

      7. Illuminates Team Strengths

Some employees don’t always shine their brightest when performing routine tasks. You might have a few team members who would serve the company better in slightly different roles. What better way to discover those talents than through creative challenges?

      8.Encourages Creativity

Statistics show that creativity is an employee’s greatest strength. You can teach daily tasks and activities, but creativity is something that must be fostered organically. Team building activities force participants to tackle challenges from a new angle.

      9.Removes the Corporate Pressures

It’s just plain easier to foster a sense of creativity and encourage bonding outside the office. Your employees are much more likely to relax and allow their creativity to flow when they aren’t worried about making a mistake in front of the CEO.

      10. Backed by Science

The no 1 reason employees jump ship? According to a survey conducted by Korn Ferry, it’s boredom. Don’t let your best innovators head straight for your competitors because they simply weren’t challenged enough.