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Top 7 Food Tours in NYC by Neighborhood

Published by Josh Hirsch 

With the wide variety of food tours in NYC, the city is affectionately known as a “Foodies Paradise”. New York has hundreds of restaurants along with different neighborhood stalls that offer mouth-watering and savory treats. Culinary tours are an integral part of the city as they open the doors for visitors to enjoy New York City’s food, parks, and historical architecture.  With food tours being a blooming business in the city, choosing the correct one makes the experience more delightful and enjoyable. The best food tours in NYC include:

A group of travelers enjoying a walking food tour of NYC

Explore the city through its food and culture on a walking food tour of NYC

Food tours in NYC are considered an essential part of any trip made to the city. The experience is further enhanced when the guide is knowledgeable and entertaining.  Hiring an experienced tour guide not only ensures that the information imparted is authentic, but also makes the tour more interesting as exciting tour spots are visited. 

The credibility of the tour guide and the food tour has great importance, which is taken care of by Sidewalk Food Tours. Sidewalk Food Tours makes sure that each tour guide has satisfactory knowledge of the history, cultural architecture and the specialties of the places visited. Choose between 9 tours of different NYC neighborhoods, or visit for a private tour, family gathering, or team building activities for groups or corporations. The tours are all inclusive and happily accommodate your needs and dietary restrictions. With food tours in 5 major U.S. cities and Paris, you will never go wrong choosing Sidewalk Food Tours for your delicious adventure. 

  • The Brooklyn Tour’s Best of Brooklyn Food and Culture Tour

The Brooklyn Food Tour is a 4.5-hour long activity which explores various cultures and cuisines by visiting different neighborhoods. Greenpoint, Dumbo, Park Slope & Williamsburg are among the commonly visited neighborhoods which provide a clear insight of the finest eating places in the borough. After being the most visited place by artists, Brooklyn has not only gained popularity but has also become the most visited place in NYC. The neighborhoods selected for the half-day food tour never disappoint with regard to the food and the dishes they offer. While waterfront neighborhoods like Dumbo have sweets and are well known for their chocolates, it is impossible to resist the taco and pupusas offered in Greenpoint and Sunset Park. The tour leaves from the West Village, where the air-conditioned shuttle bus is provided for transportation. The Brooklyn half-day tour does not only explore the various cuisines and mouthwatering food offered by the neighborhoods, but also provides an insight into the culture and the history of the visited places. This food tour provides visitors with an incredible view of the Brooklyn Bridge along with historical knowledge and delicious foods.

A man biking around the West Village in NYC

Explore like a local

The Flatiron Food, History and Architecture Tour explores some of the finest and most unique local food places in NYC. The two most iconic neighborhoods of NYC, Flatiron and Unique Square, are the focus of this food tour. The purpose of the food tour is to impart knowledge of history, architecture, and the exotic culture of the people along with enjoying the tantalizing food offered. Although the use of a tour bus is not provided, the one-mile walk is made enjoyable by the different stops and the exploration of Madison Square Park. Beginning with an epic breakfast, the visitors are introduced to the commercial life of the neighborhoods. The Met Life Tower, which was once the tallest building in the world and home to many historical figures, is also a stop along with Ladies Mile. The neighborhood is densely populated with the city’s best restaurants and thus the visitors enjoy a modern-day meal while visiting historical places. The Flatiron tour is a combination of food and history exploration which does not weigh heavily on the visitor’s budget. 

A famous NYC pizza

You can’t beat the pizza in NYC

  • Scott’s Pizza Tours Pizza Walking Tour of Manhattan

New York city pizzas are widely known and are consumed all around the world. With the rapid growth of pizzerias and the continuously evolving flavors of pizza, a pizza tour of NYC is a must. Although different pizza places are famous for their unique flavors, Little Italy, Greenwich Village, or the Lower East Side have gained immense popularity because of their thin crust pizza slices. The Pizza Walking Tour visits local pizza houses like Joe’s Pizza and Patsy Pizzeria to treat the visitors with the best local flavor. While different neighborhoods may have specific flavor preferences, like Little Italy has a range of Italian pizzas and Greenwich village pizzas are extra cheesy, all the pizzerias in NYC appeal to the customers taste buds. The tour guides engage their audiences by sharing the historical evolution of the pizza. The Pizza Walking Tour is perfect for pizza lovers.

Discovering the best foods in Chinatown NYC

Discover your new favorite food

  • Manhattan Walking Tour’s Chinatown Food Tour and Historic Downtown Walking Tour

New York City and a major portion of its culture are built upon diverse immigrant groups. The range of immigrant groups settled in the NYC area has spread their culture- leading NYC to be a multicultural society. The Chinatown Food Tour and Historic Downtown Walking Tour is a way of exploring the different cultures of the city and learning about them in great depth. The tour focuses on two major contributors to NYC society: the Chinese and the Dutch. While the culture of both the Chinese and Dutch is full of historical events, the food offered at their restaurants is also equally exotic. The tour successfully combines the exploration of different Chinese and Dutch cuisines with their history. Although hotel pick-up and drop off service are not provided, the small group of tourists will enjoy the company of a professional guide who enhances their historical knowledge. The food tasting is also among the highlights of the tour as people get to taste the different specialties of both the historical neighbors. 

Locals ordering from a food cart in downtown NYC

NYC has plenty of food options- from fine dining to street vendors

A food cart walking tour comprises of beautiful food carts that provide snacks, hot dogs, drinks, and coffee. Food carts are relatively common in NYC and are a source of food for the local residents. The food carts may seem to be unsubstantial in front of the top-class restaurants offering a range of cuisines; however, the carts also offer hundreds of items and have fabulous menus. The tour is focused upon exploring six to seven street food carts and tasting their exotic offerings. While the common food items like hot dogs and coffee are available at all the carts, they also have their specialties like the Korean short ribs, Belgian Waffles, chocolate brownies & Middle Eastern falafel. Along with tasting the exotic new dishes, every owner has a backstory which greatly interests the tourists.


Hell’s Kitchen is well known for the wide range of restaurants present. The restaurants have a range of items to offer to their customers. While some restaurants are known for their dishes like Baba Ghanoush, others have filled doughnuts to attract customers. The four-hour long tour includes stopping at multiple restaurants for food tasting, followed by a visit to Central Park. The Central Park visit is for tourists wanting to explore the lesser known areas that aren’t exactly popular. The exploration process includes interacting with local people in order to discover the facts of the city’s iconic places. Despite the limited number of tourists in the tour group, visiting the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood is quite famous for NYC visitors.  

A bakery display case finishes our food tour with a sweet ending.

Top off your tour with a tasty treat!

People who have a weakness towards sweets will love the Cupcake Tour of NYC. While many different shops and restaurants are famous for their sweets, the Cupcake Tour visits the West Village to experience some of the most famous cupcakes of NYC. The 2-hour tour begins from Union Square, and tourists walk all the way to the West Village. The tour includes a sampling of various sweets like gelato, macaroons, cookies, and cupcakes. The most exciting part of the tour is the “design your own cupcake”, in which the tourists visit popular bakeries and select their favorite flavors along with their toppings to enjoy their custom-made cupcakes. Being a part of the tour provides the tourist with a chance to receive VIP treatment and skip the long line while waiting for their cupcakes.