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Adult (21+)


Join us on the Mad Men Evening Tour. Spend a night in New York City like Don or Peggy would have. Dress in your best 60’s attire, complete with a skinny tie or red dress. We will walk the same streets featured on Mad Men and best of all we will drink where they drank. We will be stopping at 3 bars featured on the show and whether you prefer drinking a Manhattan or Tom Collins, we will pick up the tab. By nights end you will have:

• Learned about the ad industry of the 1960’s
• Experienced a full tour of Madison Avenue
• Lived like a Mad Man or Woman in some of New York’s most legendary watering holes

Channel your inner Betty or Don Draper — if only for an evening — with the Mad Men Cocktail Tour. Put on your favorite full-skirted frock or three-piece suit for a three-hour lap of locations frequented by the characters from the AMC drama. Your tour guide will reveal facts about Mad Men and the history of the NYC ad industry as you meander through show hotspots and maintain hydration, Mad Men-style, at three of the cast’s favorite watering holes.

You will never forget this night because everyone will get a package of vintage pictures of them and their dates enjoying the night.